Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives

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  • Add a touch of natural beauty to your own world.
  • Provide the highest-quality services and products
  • Widen our network of clients internationally.
  • Being one of the leading stone companies in the region.
  • Apply the latest technology.


  • Scrutinize economic Policies continuously.
  • Evaluate the economic strategizing the targeted country.
  • Extend Market shares by understanding client needs.
  • Be competitive in the market and to operate in a results oriented, profitable manner.


  • Honesty and integrity in all our relationships.
  • Pride and caring in all what we do.
  • Constantly exceeding expectations.
  • Innovation and outstanding teamwork.
  • Reliability, dedication and loyalty.
  • Development and Research.
  • Training and Know‐how transfer.


  • Benefit our Share holders
  • Sustain a quality customer service.
  • Reduce employee turnover.
  • Unleash and support the human Resources development  Program.
  • Extend Market shares.